This course offers an invaluable opportunity for all pet groomers to achieve formal recognition in becoming a Professional Diploma Pet Groomer, for students who is taking up both Certificate in Multiple Breed Professional Pet Grooming Course (equivalent Level C) and Advanced Certificate in Multiple Breed Professional Pet Grooming & Pet Care Course (Equivalent Level B), Professional Diploma in pet Grooming & Pet Care certificate will be bestowed upon the completion of both level C and level B courses in pet grooming. You will be able fulfill the qualifications required for the future of your professional grooming career.

Full-Time or Part-time course available

Duration:200 Classes (8 months for full timers)

Course Cover Topic:-

1. Basic Knowledge of Show Dogs Behavior 
2. Show Coat Maintenance
3. Proper Condition A Show Dog
4. Basic Knowledge of Canine Health
5. Preparing to Groom A Show Dog
6. Preparing Your Show Dog  For Bathing
7. Bathing Your Show Gog
8. Drying Techniques
9. Care of Equipment
10. Environmental Hygiene
11. Anatomy Of A Dog 
12. Advanced Pet Styling ( Famous Asian Styling)
13. Detailing Lines
14. Head And Eyes Coordination
15. Finishing Blades
16. The Advanced Art of  Scissoring
17. Curve Shears
18. Finishing Touches
19. Show Dogs Nutrition and  Digestion
20. Show Breeds Standard
21. Show Dog Handling
22. Miniature Schnauzer Basic Hand-Stripping
23. Show Top Knot (eg. Shih Tzu/Yorkshire Terrier/  Maltese) 
24. Poodle Show Trimming  Included
*Show Puppy Clip
*Scandinavian Clip (Second Puppy Clip)
25. Poodle Advanced Lamb Clip
26. Bichon Frise

Pet Breeds Cover: Poodle,  Shih Tzu, Miniature Schnauzer,  Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese,  Pomeranian, Siberian Husky,  Bichon Frise, Chow Chow,  Standard Poodle.

Show Breed Cover: Toy Poodle,  Bichon Frise, Shih Tzu,  Miniature Schnauzer, 
Yorkshire Terrier, Maltese,  Pomeranian 
* breeds may subject to change

Assessment  Methodology 

For  the Practical : 80%    For the Theory :  20% 

Learning Outcomes

Upon the successful  completion of the courses,  participants are able to:-
-Handling show dogs in the dog shows
-Grooming multiple breeds  advanced pet grooming  independently 
-Able to groom Asian Style Trimming 
-Groom multiple breed show dogs
-Handle different coat type dogs
-Ready to compete in Level C and Level B Competition 
-Compose the necessary  knowledge and practical  skills in show 
grooming for further studies in Executive Diploma grooming course 

In addition, you will gain Malaysian Groomers Association (MGA) memberships.

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