About Pets Icon

Established in 2006. Pets Icon Grooming Academy is an International Awards-Winning Pet Grooming Academy alongside a strong lineup of reputable Master Instructors. We provide uncompromised education for aspiring professional pet groomer to be for Malaysia & International students.

Pets Icon Grooming Academy aspires to share the knowledge gained in the development of styling and technique cumulated over the years.
The internationally acclaimed grooming course adopts a strict code of ethics and professionalism that aims to nurture a group of passionate, committed and responsible pet groomer,

Courses combined the substance of traditional academic preparation with modern, hands-on teaching techniques based on our signature and iconic fusion philosophy.
Pets Icon Grooming Academy courses adopts the latest teaching techniques from America and all over Asia countries with the mission to coach future pet groomers with professionalism and stylish fusion grooming technique.  

“Join Us At Pets Icon Grooming Academy To A Successful Career Path”

We aim to train and prepare certified professional groomers with professional skills that their clients value and demand.
We strives to provide opportunities for students to bring their grooming skills to the next level, and receive certification through workshops, seminars and examinations
We connect with various organizations locally and internationally, in effort to help raise the standard of students to meet International level requirements.

 Pets Icon Grooming Academy is the only grooming academy recognized by International Certified body:

Students Exchange Program :

Our Promises


We, Pets Icon Beauty Salon practice a meticulous adherence to honesty, responsibility and duty in educating our groomers, while offering a level of quality that surpass the industry requirements. Pets Icon Grooming Academy upholds a strict education policy to ensure our students are well prepared to engage the grooming industry.


All students at Pets Icon Grooming Academy follow  a strict code of ethics, as we believe that quality and comprehensive education will produce outstanding students locally and globally. We vow to nurture and guide groomers to achieve success in the grooming industry.

Pets Icon Grooming Academy promises to produce a group of quality, accountable, independent and responsible groomers. As we strive to achieve excellence, We ensures all our students to receive quality education, techniques, creativity and guidance from the well-known best instructors in the country.

Our Team

Valerie Khoo, NCMG

-Master Instructor
-MGA President
-Professional Show Groomer cum Handler
-Certified Aromatologist (USA)
-NDGAA Certified Master Groomer (USA)
-True Iconic International Ambassador

Nicholas Tan

-Vice Principal
-BA(Hons) M&A (UK)
-MGA Vice President
-Managing Instructor
-Toy Breeds Specialist
-Professional Show Instructor
-Professional Show Groomer Cum Handler


Master Coordinator
Replete with hardship and failure to success and accomplishments, Mr. T boasts a 25 years of eminent experience in the canine world.

May YP Ang

- Instructor
- Level A Certified Groomer
- Outstanding Pet Groomer
- Show Groomer cum Handler
- MGA Best In Show Winner
- Taiwan TGA Best In Show Winner
- Multiple grooming competition Winner

Amadis Liau Zoe

- Senior Assistant Instructor
- Multi Language Translator
- Level B Certified Groomer
- Senior Professional Salon Groomer
- Multiple grooming competition Winner
- Grooming Competition Best In Show Winner

Celest Tan

- Senior Administrator
- Student Support Officer
- PIGA Certified Professional Groomer

Eva Lim

- Assistant Instructor
- Level B Certified Groomer
- Professional Salon Groomer
- Grooming competition Winner

Jolly Goh

- Assistant Instructor
- Professional Salon Groomer
- Show Maintenance Groomer
- PIGA Certified Professional Groomer

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